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Kwaja waterproofing makes your home improvement project a profitable one by upgrading the existing features such as basement waterproofing, foundation supports, French drain system, crawl space encapsulation.

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Every homeowner aspires to get more from their property, but achieving this may require a different level of renovation compare with different desires and interests landlords have with respect to budgets, time, and objectives surrounding the house.

Our team of experts understands what it takes to improve a property and how it could be done safely and affordably with proper planning and helping the property owner to prioritize their needs. Hiring a specialist is a must as opposed to getting a random handyman.

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We Diagnose the Right Improvements Your Property Needs

Our goal in home renovation is to help homeowners diagnose with the needed improvements, and guide you in honesty on what to do, and when it actually matter to get your property upgraded. We support our clients to control the renovation process so that even in the tailspin situation, you have some sort of control over costs and time.

We help diagnose to see whether your property require a simple repair and maintenance, refurbishment and enhancement or complete rebuild. In this line of business, transparency and honesty should not be undercut when dealing with homeowners, especially the first time landlord. 

What We Renovate

Basement Waterproofing

Water flooding to the basement could create an irreparable loss if not taken seriously. Moisture seepage through the foundation wall or cracks build up hydrostatic pressure in the soil forcing water to percolate through openings. If you have this problem, you should let waterproofing expert such as Kwaja waterproofing to take care of it.  Read more about the cause of water seepage and basement leaks.

Crawl Space foundation

Are you looking for an inexpensive concrete slab foundation substitute otherwise known as crawl space, or you have an inaccessible crawl space to be repaired big spacious enough to provide an access to repair plumbing, electrical wiring, cooling and heating system without require full-blown excavation. All you need is a perfect crawl space foundation, and it is a great way to elevate the lowest floors in the adjacent corner of your house.

We also provide crawl encapsulation service, if you need to save more energy and improve indoor air quality Adding a vapor barrier to the floor and thermal insulation to the walls  of your building in the basement are all encapsulation.

French Drain Installation

If your house is susceptible to flooding or you have a leak in the basement which eventually leads to water seeping into your building foundation. French drain installation system is what you need, to prevent ground and surface water damaging your property. If done properly by professional like us, you have approximately 30 – 40 years to last. Learn more to see how much it cost install French drain in your home.

House Jacking

We also extend our expertise in raising, jacking and elevating houses and installing new structures beneath the existing one using a sophisticated hydraulic jack equipment ranges from 20 to 60 tons. We provide this service for homeowners seeking to raise a low-ceiling basement further high up and increases the floor space. Contact us today if you need to jack up your foundation.

We Repair & Maintain . Refurbish & Enhance Homes

When it comes to fixing the openings on the wall of your foundation, time is of essence, Kwaja waterproofing professional helps you plan how you can tackle the damage water seepage cause to your property without losing too much of your precious time.






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