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How-to-Guides on Crawl Space Encapsulation

✓  Inspect the crawl space for any signs of water seepage, standing water, mold, and unpleasant odors. Note, installing a sump pump will ensure that groundwater seepage does not occur thus eliminating standing water and mold growth.

✓  Seal the floor and vents and insulate the walls. Do this by installing a vapor barrier along the floor and up the foundation walls to the floor joists. Filling any cracks and installing insulation on the walls will also help keep the crawlspace sealed and regulate its temperature

✓  Install a dehumidifier to regulate the humidity levels in the crawlspace

What you need to know before jacking your home.

house jacking

✓ Inspect your foundation to identify areas where sinking has occurred

✓ It is highly recommended to hire a qualified Structural Engineer to inspect the structural integrity of the entire foundation. Be sure to obtain the written report with the specified recommendations

✓ Obtain 2-3 quotes from experienced professionals. Be sure to compare the proposed scope of work from the contractor to the recommendations from the Engineer’s report, address any discrepancies prior to beginning any work

✓ Mark the lowest points on the floor and determine how high they must be lifted

✓ Pour a concrete pad on the firm level ground under the house and let sit for 5 days.

✓ Install the floor jack securing it to the concrete pad; begin jacking up the house slowly. The process of slowly jacking up the house will need to be repeated 3-4 times before the floor is level

✓ Be sure to have your jacks readjusted at 3 months and then semi-annually for the next 12 months as your house will continue to settle after each raise

How-to-Guides on Waterproofing

Wet, Leaky and Flooded Basement Tips

✓ Expose the foundation to the bare concrete, remove all soiled building materials

✓ Obtain 2-3 site inspections from qualified professionals. (The main purpose of this is to educate and inform the customer by way of identifying the cause of the water seepage and gathering proposed solutions with the respective quotes)

✓ Identify the entry point of the water intrusion

✓ Ensure that all cracks and/holes in foundation walls and floors are sealed

✓ Ensure that an adequate sump pump is installed to manage all groundwater that collects around the perimeter of the home as well as under the floor slab

✓ Ensure that internal weeping tile is placed along the perimeter of the foundation as well as all heaved/cracked sections of the floor slab

✓ Ensure that a vapor barrier is run along the foundation walls to stop condensation from damaging the frost walls

How-to-Guides on Foundation Cracks

What you need to know about foundation crack repair.

foundation cracks guides

✓ Expose the entire crack in the foundation to the bare concrete, remove all soiled building materials

✓ Obtain 2-3 site inspections from qualified professionals. (The main purpose of this is to educate and inform the customer by way of identifying the cause of the water seepage and gathering proposed solutions with the respective quotes)

✓ Vertical cracks and other holes are the most common type of foundation cracks. First clean the entire area by removing loose particles and other debris, next inject the crack with a high-pressure polyurethane grout followed by a surface seal, and leave the crack exposed until the next heavy rain to ensure the crack is adequately fixed.

✓ Horizontal cracks may be a sign that the structural integrity of the foundation has been compromised and may require an inspection by a Structural Engineer. Otherwise horizontal cracks must be re-enforced by either building a retaining wall in the interior of the home or anchoring the wall from the exterior

✓ Floor heaving and cracks are indications that water is present beneath the slab. Interior weeping tile is required to channel the water to a sump pump 

Is it better to waterproof my basement from the inside or the outside?

✓ Exterior waterproofing methods are the most effective way to stop groundwater from reaching the foundation of your home. Positive drainage and the slope are essential for ensuring that the water runs away from your foundation. It must also be said that exterior waterproofing methods are best used specifically in new constructions, provided they are tied into interior systems.

✓ Interior waterproofing systems are best for existing homes because they do not disturb the soil surrounding the foundation. The soil outside an older home is packed tightly with little to no air pockets making it more difficult for water to flow and carve out new paths. This is important because water follows the path of least resistance and will always seek the lowest level to settle. 

✓ Disturbing the earth around an existing foundation allows water to freely flow closer to the basement walls and slab which results in seepage from saturated cement, cracks in the walls and floor, increased moisture levels due to condensation, mold growth, efflorescence, etc. 

Truthfully, much of these things will happen over time anyway but they should be taken as evidence that the property’s exterior weeping tile systems are no longer functioning properly. 

What is the best foundation waterproofing method?

✓ Proper drainage channels (weeping tile, down drains, etc.), the right membrane/wrap on the exterior foundation walls, and a sump pump tied into the interior and/or exterior weeping tile are the top priority when it comes to effectively waterproofing your home. 

✓ It is essential to direct water away from your foundation at all times because the level of water in the soil changes so frequently. Next, ensuring your foundation walls are wrapped with the correct waterproofing membrane ensures that water cannot enter your basement. 

✓ And lastly, a sump pump dedicated to discharging groundwater out of the foundation is essential.

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