Hiring Home Renovation

SAVE time and be cost effective?

Hiring Tradesmen for Home Improvement

Looking for the right people to remodel your property could be a mammoth task at some point, especially for a homeowner with a busy schedule. Hiring builders and tradespeople is the first step you need to take before considering your renovation. But sometimes, homeowners think they can just opt-in for DO-IT-YOURSELF and let all the stress of renovating go away.

Time is Money, Get it Right

Unless you have a very special skill-set in home remodeling and that you have no busy schedules, hiring people to renovate your precious property is one of the most challenging aspects of renovating. Unless you are a tradesperson yourself, hiring a home renovation and crack foundation specialist is a must, if you want to get it right and not repeat the same process with even more spending.

Trust is King

Trust, transparency and honesty are vital virtues every project contractor should watch out for, it’s just like some car mechanics, some subcontractors will try to exploit that trust and rip you off.  Of course there are plethora of home renovating specialists with skills you need to renovate your property. Every contractor is uniquely skilled, but most of the game changer here is questionable, you need to know if this person you are hiring is trusted, bonded, insured, reliable and punctual.

Clear Your Mind

It is hard to stop the train while in motion, so to speak, home owners need to ask few question from contractors before letting their guard down on any project. Here are some questions to ask and attributes to look for even if you are a veteran investor.

1. Skillset

What professional skills do the contractor possess? How long have they been working on the similar project you intend to assign to the service provider? and What type of property do they generally work on and where?

2. Transparency

Will you be providing materials and if so, are there any roadmap for cost of materials and labor.

3. Reliability

Will they leave you hanging when they are most expected to complete the task?

4. Open Book

What is the payment schedule and how does it work? Is there any contractual agreement such as paper trail to bind you and the contractor in case something goes wrong.

5. Communication

Will you be updating me on the progress of the project and if so, will this be daily or weekly. Make sure the way you communicate about the job is clear before embarking on the projejct.

6. Quality

Are you licensed, bonded and insured, just in case something goes wrong during the renovating process?