French Drain System

Preventing groundwater from your building foundation

French drain system is what you need, to collect water runoff and surface water damaging your property.

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Relieving Your Home from Ground water pressure

Restoring Wet Basement with French Drain

French drain system collects water runoff from the surface and transfers through slotted drain pipes underground hindering ground and surface water from impacting and damaging the foundation. During the rainy season or spring, homeowners are concerned with fear after heavy rain leaving their basement water clogged and flooded. What you need to solve this unwanted problem is the French drain system.

Are you dealing with a damp lawn, wet or leaky basement whenever it rains or snowmelt? Your easy solution to clamp down on this water drainage problem is to install French drains inside or outside of the foundation. There are two different ways we help homeowners install an effective drainage system;

✓  Installation of French drain system or weeping tile externally around the foundation walls – watch out for the drain being clog if this method is applied.

✓  Installation of weeping tile inside the perimeter of the basement – if you have a wet basement, this is the right approach to collect water from the basement wall-floor using a sump pump.

How French Drains Works?

A French drain is also called a blind drain, drain tile, sub-soil drain, or weeping tile. It is a trench filled with rock containing a perforated or slotted pipe that provides a clear channel for water to flow through the pipes to the sewage treatment system.

✓  A weeping tie or French drain is installed around the foundation walls using a drain pipe that collects the water from the basement wall-floor,

✓  The attached sump pump removes water from the house and away from the foundation

✓  The waters are emptied safely from the house to the septic.

✓  The water is en route through a dry well, drainage ditch, or the street.

If installed properly, your drainage system could last up to 25 years without maintenance.


When it rains it pours, drain your basement

Why You need to install French drain in your home

Whenever snowmelt away or heavy downpours occur, you want to have confidence around your foundation that no water is seeping through to the basement. If the foundation of your building permanently damp after heavy rain or surrounding areas close to the foundation has a tendency of water to seep through the cracks or crevices in the concrete

With a French drain installed, waterlogged around the foundation can be re-channel or rerouted to somewhere else. There are different drainage system structure depending on the purpose you want it to serve or the severity of waterlogged around your foundation. 

✓  Curtain drain –  is a perforated pipe surrounded by gravel, usually installed outside the foundation

✓  Filter drain –  best for draining groundwater.

With an effectual drainage system in place, the house is free of mold and the basement will be always dry. 

Contact team of foundation repair experts to put a stop to wet basement and prevent ground and surface water from getting into the foundation with a French drain system that will last approximately 25 to 35 years. You need a professional to install a trench filled with a perforated pipe and gravels that would allow water to drain from your basement or surrounding. 

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