Foundation Waterproofing

We use the best foundation waterproofing technology around today

Concrete foundation faces premature and unprecedented deterioration due to the use of salt to de-ice pavements.

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Foundation Waterproofing

foundation waterproofing membrane

Concrete foundation faces premature and unprecedented deterioration due to the use of salt to de-ice pavements. This decline in quality is one of the problems homeowners experience around reinforced concrete decks of the property.

But one method that combat this unwanted difficulty is waterproofing concrete with pavement or membrane systems.

Our team of waterproofing experts are not strangers to the problem of this kind, because we use a sophisticated method that helps protect the membrane.

We understand that concrete is inherently weak in tension due to the limited bonding strength and various preexisting microcracks and flaws that form during the hardening of the matrix. This is why you need a seasoned professional to stop the leak and fix the cracks.

How do I stop water pooling around my foundation

Foundation Leak Repair

We give you a professional assessment of the performance of waterproofing systems and investigate painstakingly the number of membrane waterproofing materials the task would require. Giving us the perfect and excellent opportunity to monitor installation and protect against any deicing chemicals after installation.

Since concrete is a mixture of broken stone or gravel, sand, cement, and water. It’s not uncommon to see water leaving slabs of concrete in a large vacuum between the aggregate particles, especially in plastic states.  Read more about cracks in concrete.

Basement leak repair is cost-effective and can help prevent inherent potential health hazards and unforeseen damage to the structure of the house if left unnoticed. Get in touch with us to waterproof walls of your foundation.

What to do and avoid when your building is vulnerable?

We use the best foundation waterproofing technology around today to treat and prevent the passage of water, structural damage, and give long-lasting protection in case of water accumulation.

Safe Approaches

The water seepage in the basement can remain unnoticed over a long period and could exacerbate the severity of the problem. If this occurs, try to do one of these:

✓  Concrete & Masonry Waterproofing Sealer: a water-based, highly water-resistant, silicone formulation designed to waterproof and seal without changing the surface appearance.

✓  Installation of grade and underground level drainage system

✓  Applying waterproofing barrier such as Hydro guard pro series, DMX drain 5M, Aqua bloc

How-to-Guides on Waterproofing for Homeowners

✓ Expose the foundation to the bare concrete, remove all soiled building material/materials.

✓ Obtain 2-3 site inspections from qualified contractors. (The main purpose of this is to educate and inform the customer by way of identifying the cause of the water seepage and gathering proposed solutions with the respective quotes.) 

✓ Identify the entry point of the water intrusion pressure

✓ Ensure that all cracks and/holes in foundation walls and floors are sealed 

✓ Ensure that an adequate sump pump is installed to manage all groundwater that collects around the perimeter of the home as well as under the floor slab.

✓ Ensure that internal weeping tile is placed along the perimeter of the foundation as well as all heaved/cracked sections of the floor slab 

✓ Ensure that a vapor barrier is run along the foundation walls to stop condensation from damaging the frost walls.

How are foundation waterproofed

Top Questions on Foundation Repairs

What is the best foundation waterproofing method?

Proper drainage channels (weeping tile, down drains etc.), the right membrane/wrap on the exterior foundation walls, and a sump pump tied into the interior and/or exterior weeping tile are top priority when it comes to effectively waterproofing your home. 

What is the Right waterproofing method for concrete?

First, concrete is not waterproof and needs proper drainage installed to keep water away from the foundation walls and slab. Second, adequate membranes/wraps to keep water from penetrating the walls as well as drainage lines around the foundation are essential. And third, proper grading to move water away is needed.

How long does Foundation Waterproofing Last?

The life span of foundation waterproofing depends on the type and method applied. For instance, if a waterproof primers or epoxy crack repair is used. You should expect at least 5 years before the impact wear off. 

how much does it cost to waterproof an exterior of a foundation?

On average, you are looking at spending $800-$1300 for minor fixes while major repairs can be in the area of $10K – $45K. The fixing process varies from company to company so try to get 2-3 quotes, both interior and exterior if possible.

What makes Kwaja Waterproofing basement system solution different ?

✓ Bonded, in case of any damage to your property, you are protected.

✓ Trustworthy

✓ Warranty and guarantee

✓ Transparent

✓ Deliver on time

✓ Quality materials for all our jobs

✓ Cost effective

✓ Delivering long term serviceability at a reasonable cost

Kwaja waterproofing has been fixing basement waterproofing and patching foundation cracks since 2002. Call us at 7807079535.



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