Foundation Cracks

STOP the Leaks & Seepage

Filling Cracks in Your Foundation

Cracks are opening you see around the wall or concrete surface due to wear and tear from intense weather change over specific period. Crack can allow moisture or water seep through the opening of your wall causing minimal or severe damage if not fixed. 

Crack Filling

The locations and extent of the damage or severity of the crack in your foundation determine the type of materials and which methods are best in solving the affected crack vantage. For instance, if you have cracks that is not more than a quarter inches wide, the easy approach is to use gray tinted concrete caulk. This method is great if the severity is absolutely at the minimal stage and it’s at a surface-level.

If you want to fix the cracks permanently, you would need to give your approach a bit of a nudge using a pourable crack filler or fortified patching cements. These patching cements are made up of polymer compounds which inherently enhance the adhesiveness and the bonding properties of the material. If you have a larger cracks on horizontal or vertical surfaces, your sure bet is to let the professional or foundation repair specialists get on this, and fix it permanently to avoid imminent threat that might be posed whenever it rains heavily.

Tools and Material You Need to Fix Temporary Cracks

While its easy to fix some minor cracks on the wall or concrete surface, you would need few material and tools to get the job done. You will need

✓ Plastic sheeting

✓ Wire brush

✓ Drill with wire wheel attachment

✓ Hand maul

✓ Stone chisel

✓ Trowel

✓ Latex bonding agent

✓ Vinyl-reinforced patching compound

✓ Concrete caulk

✓ Sand-mix concrete

✓ Plastic sheeting

Preps for Cracked Concrete

The following are some steps you should considered when fixing cracks, as thorough preparation of the cracked surface is significant if you want a good bonding surface.

1. Clean loose material from the crack


2. Chisel out the crack


3. Prepare the crack for the repair

4. Reinforce with patching compound