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Preventing Moisture from Seeping Into Foundation

Kwaja waterproofing uses highly effective waterproofing membrane systems that are tough enough to stop the penetration of moisture into building foundations.

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Basement Leak Repair

Moisture seeping through the wall of your foundation into the basement can be devastating and destroy the effort to create a functional living space if not dealt with at the early stage. Basement waterproofing solution rich in polyolefin-based resin technology that is highly effective in the reduction of moisture penetration and water vapour through the slab is the best option to stop the leaks and waterlogged basement.

STOP the excessive water moisture trapped on walls that can lead to mildew growth and irreparable damage. Contact waterproofing companies that are trained for this.

 This approach helps reduce mould-growth and prevent the proliferation of mildew and fungus to hibernate in your living space.

Janna Plewes
Janna Plewes
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Kwaja Foundation Repair went above and beyond to make sure that we were satisfied customers. Foundation issues can be so stressful and their excellent work gave us peace of mind. We can't thank them enough.
Emmanuel Smith
Emmanuel Smith
CEO, G16framework
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Kwaja waterproofing is a professional you can count on for home improvement, foundation crack repair and crawl space encapsulation. I will always recommend him for homeowners who need a reliable contractor with a fair rate.


Why You Need to Waterproof Foundation

Over time, even a small amount of water intrusion can damage and rot framing, turn wallboard into mush, and promote the growth of mould and mildew if not detected early.

The irreparable or costly damage could leave nothing but a damper on the value of your property and risk of mold and serious health hazard.

✓ If you have a wet basement, you are more likely to have your immune system compromised and make you very sick. The vulnerable people in the household such as the babies or the people with underlying illness might gravely be impacted if you have a damp basement.

✓ Prevention of uncontrolled water intrusion whenever snow melt or rain falls.


Materials Used as a Vapor Barrier

Kwaja waterproofing uses highly effective waterproofing membrane systems that are tough enough to stop the penetration of moisture into building foundations. Materials used depend on the method of repair of the inflow of water, we use a CLAY-TITE, a dual layer waterproofing with protective layer consisting of a non-woven polypropylene.

It comes with sodium bentonite, a self-sealing capabilities that protect foundation under hydrostatic conditions. MEL-ROL, HRM 714, MEL-DRAIN and PERMINATOR are among the list of seamless waterproofing materials we apply in reduced time for horizontal applications for under-slab waterproofing and vapor proofing.


Water Leakage Prevention Areas

Since basement moisture appears in two different forms: infiltration and condensation. It is important that property owners know where to look and familiarize with the common causes of basement leak. You should waterproof your basement whenever you notice one of the following:

✓ Improper grading around the foundation

✓ Leaky joints between structural elements

✓ Poorly designed window wells

Cracks in foundation walls


✓ Damaged or missing drain tiles

✓ Peeling paint and white residue on masonry

✓ Mildew stains and sweaty windows and pipes

✓ Rotted wood near the floor

✓ Pungent mildew odor

✓ Trace of crevices in the wall, corner of windows & pipes

✓ Faulty gutter system

Water leaking Basement Sections

Where Do You Need Waterproof?

If you have a wet basement, look for evidence of moisture in the following sections of your property

✓ Balcony areas

✓ Roof or terrace

✓ Toilet and bathroom

✓ Basement of the building

✓ Water tank

✓ Kitchen

How-to-Guides Basement Waterproofing & Leak Repair

✓ Improve the gutter system to prevent rainwater and snow-melt from flooding your basement.

✓ Ensure there is a downspout for every 50 ft. of roof eave, and extend downspout piping 8 ft. from the foundation wall.

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Homeowners feedbacks

Top Questions on Basement Waterproofing

Can a wet basement make you sick?

A wet basement is caused by excess moisture or seeping of water into the building’s crevices or cracks in the foundation. Which eventually would find its path to the basement of a building. If you have a wet basement, you are more likely to have your immune system compromised and make you sick. Don’t forget the most vulnerable people in the household whenever you have a damp basement are the babies, the kids, the people with underlying illness. So it doesn’t matter if you have just acquired a new property or an old one. Whenever it rains, excess precipitation infiltrated elsewhere wherever there is opening, pipes leakages e.t.c

How do I fix my basement?

The first thing to do is to conduct simple housekeeping regardless of the season, in fall, remove debris from storm drains and bag withered leaves safely. This is essential to help declutter and drain excess rain and prevent groundwater from seeping into the walls of a foundation. Remove excess ice hanging on the storm drain and change the position of the pipe away from walls of your foundation.

Can you fix a leaky basement from the inside?

Yes, you can have your leaky basement repaired from the inside, it can be done by using pressurized crack injections, the most affordable option of stopping water that is trapped from the inside of the basement. An affordable method for low budget homeowners, usually completed within a few hours regardless of the season.

Do foundation cracks need repair?

Yes, foundation cracks with more pressing concerns may need urgent repair. However, a tiny shrink or crevices not threatening might not require repair. But with time, if not inspected periodically, such cracks could be susceptible to seepage of moisture into the foundation leading to capillary rise of groundwater and flood depending on the soil type (cohesive, granular, and organic).

How much does it cost to fix a basement leakage?

The cost to fix a basement seepage may vary depending on whether the problem is a minor or complex one. For instance, a basement with a minor surge may require costing as little as $700, and while the foundation with more complex problems such as macro-cracks in the foundation, flooded basement e.t.c may gulp up to $12,000. With a great basement systems in place, you can save yourself a whole lot of money.

Where does a basement floor drain go?

The water collected from the basement is tied to the home’s sewer system, but for a more effective drainage system, you might require a French drain system with a drainpipe and installed a sump pump to pump the water to the surface of the house.

What is the best concrete sealer for the basement?

If you are looking for the best concrete sealer to fix basement problems, the first thing to consider the effectiveness and cost of the materials. You want to look for the material that increases the fluidity of the cement paste without significantly affecting the air content. However, homeowners can choose between the following listed materials:

✓ Xfasten fiberglass waterproofing fabric tape

✓ Armor SX5000 WB Dot Approved concrete sealer

✓ Liquid rubber waterproof sealant

✓ Lastiseal brick and masonry sealer

✓ Radonseal deep-penetrating concrete sealer

✓ Lithi-Tek 9500 -waterproofer and densifier

✓ Siloxa-Tek 8500


What makes Kwaja Waterproofing basement system solution different ?​

✓ Bonded, in case of any damage to your property, you are protected.

✓ Trustworthy

✓ Warranty and guarantee

✓ Transparent

✓ Deliver on time

✓ Quality materials for all our jobs

✓ Cost effective

✓ Delivering long term serviceability at a reasonable cost

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