Waterproofing & Foundation Crack Repair Since 2002.

Kwaja waterproofing is a licensed and bonded home renovation company based in Alberta. We have been serving homeowners in Edmonton and its surrounding areas since 2002. We use resin-based waterproofing systems like MEL-ROL, HYDRALASTIC 836 to achieve excellent protection from water intrusion into basement walls, concrete and foundation decks of your homes. Give us a call today on 780 707 9535 for basement repair within Edmonton.

We are a waterproofing specialist, best known for using cost-effective and polyolefin-based technology waterproofing membrane systems. We have been helping homeowners and property investors to reduce the penetration of moisture and water vapor into the foundation of their properties, thereby reducing fungus, mildew, and mold growth for eighteen years.

We Are Waterproofing Company

Our team of waterproofing specialists understands what excessive water moisture can cause you and your family’s health, the irreparable damage, and health consequences if foundation problems remain undetected. That is why we serve our esteemed customers with transparency and provide the best advice and services required to stop the leaks in your basement, repair the cracks in the foundation and use the right materials for basement leak repair.


Janna Plewes
Janna Plewes
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Kwaja Foundation Repair went above and beyond to make sure that we were satisfied customers. Foundation issues can be so stressful and their excellent work gave us peace of mind. We can't thank them enough.
Emmanuel Smith
Emmanuel Smith
CEO, G16framework
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Kwaja waterproofing is a professional you can count on for home improvement, foundation crack repair and crawl space encapsulation. I will always recommend him for homeowners who need a reliable contractor with a fair rate.

Our Expertise as Waterproofing Contractor

Our more than 18 years of experience as a waterproofing contractor gives us a competitive advantage over other basement waterproofing companies. We set exceptional standards in cost control, planning and scheduling, and add value to your property. A peek into what we do best.

We offer a completely waterproof solution for a wet basement structure building and waterproof foundations, vertical walls, and below-grade floors for residential and commercial properties. We use resin-based waterproofing systems like MEL-ROL, HYDRALASTIC 836 to achieve excellent protection from water intrusion into basement walls, concrete and foundation decks of your homes. 

Give us a call today on 780 707 9535 for basement repair near me or within Edmonton. You can also reach out for professional service to shut off the flow of water into the building.

We offer an incredible crawl space encapsulation solutions for property owners seeking to improve, upgrade, and alter the structure of their existing houses. If considered, you can increase the quality of air flowing through the vent of your home, and also, increase the accessibility to some substructure areas in the house. If you need to ventilate the environment with cool airflow, why not get in touch with us today on crawl space solution.

You can improve the value of your property, by installing the right sump pump alongside with French drain. Excess water in the basement caused by groundwater pressure making its way to the basement can reduce the value of your property and if not corrected early, may cause catastrophic damage.  

Have related issues? why not try our free estimate today.

Do you need a professional that ensures the right practice and measures are taken in keeping basement walls dry, repair foundation cracks in the building effectively, correct improper grading around the foundations, fix inadequate or faulty gutter systems, fix lossy joints between structural elements and promote condensation with essential crawl space ventilation to your home? Then, don’t look further, call Kwaja for cost-effective home renovations

Area We Serve In Edmonton

Stony Plain, St. Albert, Devon, Beaumont, Sherwood Park, Leduc, Northeast, Southwest Edmonton, Millwoods, Fort Saskatchewan


Frequently Asked Questions

A wet basement is caused by excess moisture or seeping of water into the building’s crevices or cracks in the foundation. Read more on water leaking basement.

The cost to fix a basement seepage may vary depending on whether the problem is a minor or complex one. For instance, a basement with a minor surge may require costing as little as $700. 

Yes, foundation cracks with more pressing concerns may need an urgent repair, however, a rather tiny shrinks or crevices not threatening might not require repair. But with time, if not inspected periodically, such cracks  could be susceptible to seepage of moisture into the foundation leading to capillary rise of groundwater and flood depending on the soil type (cohesive, granular and organic).

✓ Inspect and identify the leak source (crevices, cracks, window)

✓ Dig about 1.8m deep around outside of the house foundation

✓ Pressure wash foundation and let it dry

✓ Patch the cracks with small amount of cement mix into affected areas

✓ Apply waterproofing paint sealant with epoxy to treat the walls.

✓ Install waterproofing membrane

✓ Run drainage pipe around the foundation to collect any underlying ground waters that might be lurking around the wall

✓ Fill the trench.


Why Choose Us

We are licensed, bonded and insured waterproofing company in Edmonton. 

We are professionals with over 18 years in patching foundation cracks, sealing or repair leaks in homeowners walls.

PWF Reinforcement Wall After 2

We use airtight membrane in preventing the ingress of water into the building & structure, waterproof masonry sealant for cracks under a quarter inch wide and polymer-modified, water-based waterproofing membrane for below-grade vertical seamless applications.

French Drain

Are you concerned about waterlogged around the foundation of your home whenever it rains or snow-melt or worry about what to do to divert the course of excess water? You need a professionally installed French drain system with a drainpipe and sump pump installation that can last at least 20 years.


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